Thursday, June 21, 2007

Guest Bloggery!

So, last week, I was kindly invited by Downtown's Library Bar and my new favorite BeerChick, Christina Perozzi, to a beer tasting event. Now, I am not a beer woman (unless it's about the experience: Erdinger and a slice of lemon On the Waterfront, or a michelada with dinner al fresco in Guanajuato) by any means, but I'm lucky enough that my dear friend Jason Bernstein is a consummate expert on the good brew. I brought him along, and in the middle of his explaining to me the origins of the India Pale Ale, I knew that he, not I, was the right man to write up the event.

Which meant I got to socialize frivolously, which really, is what I do best. And snap photos, which isn't.

So put on your thinking cap and read below some big words on the topic of beer, straight from the precious brain in this precious head:

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