Thursday, June 28, 2007

hot damn, summer in the [windy] city*

friends, i'm going to chicago for a week tomorrow. i expect that most of my time will be filled with family obligations (the size of the family is a direct correlate to the quantity of obligations, and i have a loooot of relatives!). so, i'll probably be spending my time in various suburbs, at the homes of various aunties and cousins, but if you've got any recommendations, foodish or otherwise, for the windy city, i'd love to hear them -- hopefully i can squeeze in some city time.

* yes, i know, the real lyric to the song is 'hot town, summer in the city', but that's kind of weak, don't you think?

[thanks aphantos. for the photo of chicago's river east art college]


  1. I completely dam is much better and in my mind that's how it's always rang. Funny things is you can keep on changing the lyrics the more you sing the song. Don't melt while you're out there. Freaking humidity gets me every time I'm over there.

  2. i almost feel like that's what the musicians had in mind in the first place, aubrey. like, they didn't want to use 'damn', but knew that's what we'd hear anyway.

    it's like when pharrell, in the remix of britney spears' 'boys', sings 'what would it take for you to just leave with me'. sing it fast and it totally sounds like 'just sleep with me'. but at the time, before the kfed, and the drugs, and the bald, and the baby, and the other baby, she had a squeaky clean image to uphold. as if.

    i've said too much.

  3. What are you going to bring me?

  4. Okay, so you need to go to the Green Mill, a Jazz club that was also a speakeasy during prohibition. It's sweet. And it's near the Weiner Circle, a hot dog place that was featured on insomniac. In order to get your Chicago style hot dog you get berated by crazy black ladies. Also you should check out one of the Billy Goat taverns. I went to the one next to the River, under Michigan Avenue. Also, get some deep dish pizza. And if you can, go see a Cubs game in the bleachers. It's not really about the baseball; ask your cousins. Oh, and don't go to Rush and Division to party (I hate that place) but do see Cafe Brauer in Lincoln Park.

  5. Hahaha you're so right! I never paid attention to that but it sounds logical completely!

  6. If its not too late....try to go to the Vosges chocolate store downtown...they offer free samples...


  7. friends, thank you for all your suggestions!

    brad, i did go to weiner circle, but we only got cheddar fries (the whole kosher cousins thing...). the fries were amazing, the cheddar was gross, the crazy black ladies were awesome.

    and rachael, i didn't get your suggestion in time, but oh i wish i had!