Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mango Madness

The LA Times is on my wavelength with this article from today's issue featuring mangos. Apparently, the Indian ones, which according to the article are transcendent in texture and flavor, have made their way to the states, but you have to drive to Artesia to get them, and you have to shell out 3.50 a pop. Hmm, we'll see if that happens.

In the meantime, I just want to reiterate my love of this fruit, and offer up a mango fruit salad recipe from last summer that is truly one of my favorite recipes ever:
- the love
- the fruit salad

And then there's this sexy mango.

And thanks Fábio Pinheiro for the photo.


  1. India Sweets and Spices in Atwater has them if your're not inclined to visit Little India. It was that bit about radiation that through me off their scent.

  2. Oh today must be 'lets-make-fun-of-foreigners-who-don't-have baskets-to-hold-their-mangoes' day. Yeah its funny and all, but did you ever think of what happens if this poor guys wife or kids log on and see this photo? Yeah then it wouldn't be so funny anymore.

  3. jnpwlv - glad you liked it!

    trina -- thanks for the tip... i might check it out. do you know if you can buy a single one there? for all the mango love, i have no use for a case of mangos.

    and andy, don't be silly. not making fun -- i think he's kinda cute. you're making assumptions, and you know what that does...